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Waist Training Guide

Waist training takes dedication, time, and patience and most importantly you must do it at your own pace. Proper training requires commitment, so create a good plan for yourself and stick to it. Waist training is not a casual fling, you have to be patient and really work at it to see results. There’s no shortcut to achieve a smaller waistline. Just one simple thing to remember, the more you wear your waist cincher the more effect it will have. The length of time you wear your waist cincher and your eating habits will determine your results. Make sure to drink plenty of water while you waist train to keep your body hydrated.

Dedicated waist trainers will wear their waist cincher throughout the day every day and some even wear it to bed. Others will wear their waist cincher for a few hours a day and take it off to relax. You will find your own system and what works best for you.

In the beginning you may feel the waist cincher is too tight. Bear in mind that a new waist cincher will be like a new pair of shoes, you will have to break it in. The trick is to go slowly and be patient. Wearing a cincher takes a bit more effort than throwing on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, but the effort is worth it. The waist cincher is designed to be worn on the outer set of hooks first and gradually move on to the inner set of hooks once your body gets accustomed to it. If you are able to wear the waist cincher on the inner set of hooks and feel you have more room, this is great news! Your waist is getting smaller and you may need to purchase a smaller waist cincher.

Once you reach your desire goal, you can wear your waist cincher on occasion to maintain your new shape.


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